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18 November 1959 Between-Show Commercial Break

This is from ''David, the Sleuth'', aired 18 November 1959, and came after the closing credits. The footage includes: A brief mention of the Ed Sullivan Show "airing on another network", a commercial for Kodak's personalised Christmas cards, a spot promoting a film with David Nelson and Jack Webb, a spot promoting Ricky Nelson's LP album "Songs By Ricky" (BTW, the album has since been digitally re-released, it's a wonderful album in my biased opinion), and a charmingly low budget public service annoucement for preventing forrest fires. We also get to see the ABC Television Network ID. The complete telecast has already been uploaded, but hey, I know some of you want the commercials as a stand-alone film. Throughout the entire show that was not much advertising considering it aired on ABC (which always seemed to have more commercials than CBS or NBC!!).

Run time 1 minutes 22 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


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